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Hiring police officers for special events

Hiring police officers for special events

The Calgary Police Service Special Event Security Team provides policing services for compensation, called pay duty. The pay duty program exists within the public policing model and provides policing services that are event, location or duty-specific and have a limited time frame. 

Services provided should enhance public safety and be identical to the policing services provided within a normal operational setting. Calgary Police Service members on pay duty assignments are not enhanced security.

Members on a pay duty assignment:

  • remain under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Calgary Police Service
  • provide policing services to the client and their event
  • are not an employee of the client
  • are assigned specifically to the event and do not respond to unrelated calls for police service in the area

Services provided by the Calgary Police Service pay duty officers include:

  • Traffic control for roadways for such events as parades and road construction
  • Security and public safety for such events as:
    • community and sporting events
    • television and movie film shoots
    • concerts and music events

Pay duty officers cannot be used for private functions or private purposes, including:

  • weddings
  • annual general meetings (AGMs)
  • cash security
  • bar security
  • private security, including bodyguard services

Use of pay duty officers does not replace the need for proper city or provincial permits.

How to apply for police services

To ensure proper staffing, we recommend sending requests for pay duty officers a minimum of six to eight weeks ahead of your event.


  1. Complete the Pay Duty Application Form
  2. Submit the completed application form to the CPS pay duty office


After receiving the application, the pay duty office will complete an assessment to review your request and determine what resources are required, if any. This process may take up to one full business week. 

It is the position of the Calgary Police Service that, when policing through private contract is required, adequate and necessary administrative and management practices are also required.  This starts with determining why a police officer is being requested for an event. 

The assessment considers:

  • the public benefit of the pay duty request
  • whether the staffing request is reasonable based on community expectations of the CPS
  • whether the client has assessed and managed the real and perceived risks of the event when requesting a police officer

Due to officer safety and risk evaluation factors, we may determine that your requested number of officers or hours is not feasible. Our Special Event Security Team will review your request and work with you to ensure that your event is managed safely and efficiently.

When the assessment is complete, you will be notified by email if your application has been approved or declined.


2024 Pay Duty Program Rates*

All rates are subject to GST. There is a minimum three-hour charge per officer and per vehicle, per event.


$151.58 per hour + GST


$177.29 per hour + GST

Staff Sergeant

$192.67 per hour + GST

Marked police vehicle**

$30 per hour + GST (to a maximum of $360 per vehicle, per day)

*Please note the above rates represent pay duty hire rates, and include equipment and other associated costs. This does not reflect the standard pay for a Calgary Police Service officer.
**Marked police vehicles cannot be requested without an accompanying officer. If a marked vehicle is requested, the vehicle rates and the officer rate will apply.


To avoid a cancellation charge, you must provide 24 hours notice of cancellation by email to the CPS pay duty office.

Contact Information


Phone: 403-428-2023

Pay Duty Office Hours of Operation

7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday

Closed weekends and statutory holidays

Pay duty officers can be requested to work events that are outside of business hours. Requests will be processed during business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire police for my wedding?

Weddings fall under the category of private security. Police cannot be hired for private security.

My business has been experiencing a lot of theft lately. Can I hire police to act as security guards?

Police cannot be hired for private security. We recommend you hire additional security and work with your district community resource officer or business liaison officer regarding crime prevention strategies. To get in touch with your district community resource officer, contact your nearest CPS district office.

I am worried someone may disrupt my event. Can I have police there to keep the peace?

If you have concerns related to a specific threat, contact the police non-emergency line at 403-266-1234 to make a report. If there are immediate safety concerns, call 911. 

I am holding a neighbourhood event. Can I hire pay duty officers to bring a police vehicle for kids to sit in, and hand out police helper badges with Simon the Safety Bear?

Please send requests for community engagement to the CPS Diversity Resource Team.

My community is holding an election and I am concerned there may be disruptions. Can I have pay duty officers stand by to keep the peace?

Pay duty officers cannot be assigned to civic or political events. We recommend you work with the CPS Diversity Resource Team or your district community resource officer regarding public safety strategies. To get in touch with your district community resource officer, contact your nearest CPS district office.

My event has over 500 people at it. Do I need police?

Unless your City of Calgary / Government of Alberta event permit explicitly states you must have police at your event, there is no requirement to have police in attendance.

I want to hold a community festival and would like a roadway closed down. Can the police help me do this?

Any event held on City of Calgary roadways, in City of Calgary parks or on City-managed land must be approved through City of Calgary Festivals & Events.

Can I hire a police car to be parked in front of my event without a police officer in attendance?

Marked police vehicles cannot be requested without an accompanying officer.


In an emergency always call 911

Non-emergency 403-266-1234