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Calgary Police Service

Before you apply to the Calgary Police Service

What are the minimum requirements?
Applicants need to review the minimum qualifications, duties, and responsibilities for the position. Applicants must meet minimum qualifications to be considered for the position.

What are the benefits of working for the Calgary Police Service (CPS)?
You will be contributing to preserving the quality of life in our community by maintaining Calgary as a safe, vibrant and resilient city. For information on work benefits, visit the benefits website.

Will I be part of a union?
Majority of the positions are unionized. The union jurisdiction (or exemption) will be identified on the posting.

Will I have the opportunity to grow within the organization?
The CPS promotes continuous learning for all staff members. You will have career development opportunities within the CPS.

What are the hours?
It depends on the position. This information will be outlined on the posting. Some positions involve 24/7 shift work or being on-call to work some evenings and weekends.

What are the vacation benefits?
Vacation entitlement is reflected in the applicable collective agreements.

Are there other perks (gyms, daycares, etc.)?
We have gyms in the main headquarter buildings as well as work out facilities in all of the district offices. The CPS has in-house medical services (family physician, occupational health nurses). CPS offers a range of wellness programs ranging from in-house medical services, counselling programs, fitness assessments, gym and exercise programs, to classroom seminars on health and nutrition. There is also employee support programs and services to help you access child care.

What basic requirements must any civilian possess in order to apply for any civilian role within CPS?
Minimum qualifications based on education and experience for a position is outlined on the posting. All employees must, at minimum, pass an enhanced security clearance.

What are the character requirements?
Demonstrated ability to meet the CPS’ core values (honesty, integrity, respect, fairness, compassion and courage).

Are there any physical requirements?
It depends on the position and if required, would be outlined on the posting.

Are there post-secondary education requirements?
It depends on the position and will be outlined on the posting.

Are there age requirements?
CPS adheres to Alberta Employment Standards.

Are there health requirements?
It depends on the position and will be outlined on the posting.

What if I have a criminal record?
Applicants who have criminal records are not automatically disqualified from being considered for positions within the Calgary Police Service. The CPS considers the type, frequency and recency of criminal activity as well as the type of position applied for. The security clearance process is only one phase of the selection process.

Do I have to do a drug test?
There is no mandatory drug testing during the application process.

Are there credit rating requirements?
It depends on the position and will be outlined on the posting.

Is volunteer experience mandatory?

Do I need a valid drivers' licence?
It depends on the position and will be outlined on the posting.

What if I speak another language?
Your second language may become an asset in performing the duties your job.

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