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Calgary Police Service

Salary and benefits for Calgary Police Service civilian employees

What is the typical salary range for Calgary Police Services (CPS) civilian employees?
There are various types of civilian positions and each one is compensated differently. You will find the salary range listed on each posting.

What are the benefits and pension plan offerings?
Visit the employee benefits web page for information on our all benefit and pension offerings.

What are some other perks/benefits?

  • Health care - The CPS has in-house medical services (family physician, occupational health nurses)
  • Investment programs - We do not have an investment program however, there is a Self-funded Leave of Absence program.
  • Holidays and vacation - Vacation entitlements are different based on Collective Agreements.
  • Wellness programs - CPS offers a range of wellness programs ranging from in-house medical services, counselling programs, fitness assessments, gym and exercise programs, to classroom seminars on health and nutrition. There is also employee support programs and services to help you access child care.
  • Career development - We have a Career Development section where employees can take advantage of the services of advisors to assist them in developing their career paths based on short and long term goals.
  • Educational/training opportunities - The Chief Crowfoot Learning Centre offers a variety of in-house development course to employees. Employees who are interested in advancing their education can meet with career development advisors. Eligible employees can be reimbursed for approved educational and training courses.
  • Flexible working options - When supported by operational needs, we offer Compressed Work Weeks, Job Share, Telework, flexible start and end times, and part-time work.

What sort of training do you provide as paid training?
Any training or courses that are required for your job will be paid by the CPS.

Is post-secondary education funding available?
If you are interested in pursuing post-secondary education (diploma, degree programs) that would be of benefit to the CPS and assist in your career goals, you can submit a business case and once approved, you can receive reimbursement for full or partial course costs.

Do your facilities have a gym for staff?
We have gyms in the main headquarter buildings as well as work out facilities in all of the district offices.

Do employees participate in any extra-curricular activities?
Depending on the season, there are various types of organized sporting activities that are organized by interested employees.

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