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The City of Calgary ensures the assignment of an addressing system for Calgary in accordance with the Addressing Bylaw (67M86). Addressing assigns addresses to buildings, parcels and suites.

Addressing in Calgary

General addressing guidelines

Standard address format

A City of Calgary (or Civic) standard address consists of the following components:

Suite number (where applicable) – spaces in multiple tenancy buildings are often given a number or letter to supplement the basic address. These identifiers may be alphabetical, numeric or a combination of both. Suite numbers are shown at the start of the address. (For example - #101 2012 29 ST SW).

  • A suite number may designate a sub-unit located within a building or may indicate direct access to the building’s exterior.
  • In a suite number, generally, the graduating numbers are the last two digits and the leading number(s) indicates the floor.
  • Leading numbers indicate the suite’s placement within the building and sometimes the building number.

For example - #1101 2404 1 ST SW (1101 indicates the suite is on the 11th floor).

House and building numbers - All properties along a roadway are assigned consecutive numbers, usually starting at one end and finishing at the opposite end. This numbering system represents an incremental distance along the road.

  • The address must appear on the outside of a building to indicate the building's location in relation to the buildings on the block.
  • A house number must be visible from the road and lane.
  • With a house number on a numbered road, the last two digits are graduating numbers which increase as a person travels up the road. The leading numbers, 0-3 digits, represent the hundreds block.
  • A house number on a named road is determined either by the grid system or by a logical starting point on that road.

Street name - Most public roads are either numbered or named. The Calgary Planning Commission and Council approve street names.

Street type - All road descriptions include a street type (sometimes referred to as the street name suffix). The following is a list of street types and abbreviations.

Street type Abbreviation​ Street type Abbreviation
Alley AL​ Link LI
 Avenue AV  Manor MR
 Bay BA  Mews ME
 Boulevard BV  Mount MT
 Cape CA  Parade PR
 Centre CE  Park PA
 Circle CI  Parkway PY
 Close CL  Passage PS
 Common CM  Path PH
 Court CO  Place PL
 Cove CV  Plaza PZ
 Crescent CR  Point PT
 Drive DR  Rise RI
 Gardens GD  Road RD
 Gate GA  Row RO
 Green GR  Square SQ
 Grove GV  Street ST
 Heath HE  Terrace TC
 Heights HT  Trail TR
 Highway HI  View VW
 Hill HL  Villas VI
 Island IS  Walk WK
 Lane LN  Way WY
Landing LD

Invalid address error when applying online

You will receive the warning above in the online system if the address you have indicated is not in the standard address format or if the address does not exist.

Please delete the address you have typed and type in the address using the Standard Address Format. The address will auto-populate as you type and you will be required to select the address from the drop down list. 

NOTE: Please review the Standard Address Format section above if you are still receiving an error to ensure that you are typing the address correctly.

Standard address format examples:


#100 2320 1 ST SW

625 25 AV SE

800 MACLEOD TR SW​​​​​​​

Change of address

A property owner can apply to have their address changed. If The City determines the change can be accommodated without violating sequence or parity, the change is permitted. Addressing strives to complete addressing requests within 30 business days and customers are advised to confirm address availability prior to submitting a formal request.

Please refer to the address change fee schedule for current fees. The fee is non-refundable.

Application form and checklist

Development permit addressing

After review, a development permit can result in addresses being changed or added.

Secondary suite addressing

The City of Calgary requires the assignment of a separate address for secondary suites to supplement the basic address of the main dwelling. The identifier for the secondary suite may be alphabetical or numeric.

A separate secondary suite address serves the following purposes:

  1. Emergency response and wayfinding: If an emergency event occurs in the secondary suite, every second counts and a precise location will assist the emergency responders to locate the suite.

  2. Current and future utility hookups: Utility hookups require the exact suite address where the utilities will be hooked up and for the utility bill to be sent.

  3. Applications for future business licences: A requirement of a business licence is to have the exact suite address to where the business will be operating. Although there might not be a business operating out of the secondary suite at this time, an address will still be created to enable a business to be licenced at the suite when needed.

  4. Applications for future short-term rentals: Although the secondary suite might not be used as a short-term rental at this time, a new address will still be created to enable a suite to be licenced for a short-term rental when needed. The licence requires the exact suite address and not the main dwelling address.

  5. Canada post and other mail delivery services: Although not a City of Calgary requirement, having a separate address for the secondary suite will assist in the delivery of mail to the correct dwelling unit.

The secondary suite address is provided on the Secondary Suite Registry letter and sticker. Once a tenant applies for mail delivery, postal codes are assigned through Canada Post.

To learn more about addressing for secondary and backyard suites please read the Secondary suite addressing FAQ.

Contact addressing

This information has no legal status and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the various bylaws, codes and regulations currently in effect. The City of Calgary accepts no responsibility to persons relying solely on this information. Web pages are updated periodically. ​