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Planning applications fee calculator

This calculator automatically calculates your construction project's prevailing market value, base permit fee, and total permit fee as you enter values in each step.

Residential Development Permits

Commercial / Industrial / Mixed Use Development Permits

Additional Fees

Other Applications

Revised plans



GST: GST is included in the total fee rate, in compliance with the Excise Tax Act, which regulates GST applicability on the supply of select services by municipalities.

Building grade fee: for new Single, Semi-detached, and Duplex Dwellings, the Building Grade fee is due at the time of Development Permit application, unless previously paid. This fee may also be charged on Additions to Single, Semi-detached, and Duplex Dwellings in the Developed Area - over 10 m2, dependent on the scope of the application. The Building Grades fee for multi-residential, commercial and industrial developments is due at the time of Development Site Servicing Plan (DSSP) application. The Building Grade fee is set by Utility Site Servicing Bylaw 33M2005 and is listed on this schedule for convenience only.

Calgary Planning Commission: the Calgary Planning Commission (CPC) fee may apply to this application if it listed on the Calgary Planning Commission List. Some examples of when the CPC fee may be required include:

  • Developments which require the use of bonus provisions
  • Shopping centres over 7000m2
  • Direct Control sites where specific Council guidelines require CPC approval
  • Proposed Place(s) of Worship - Large
  • Addiction Treatment and Custodial Care developments with more than ten residents
  • Prominent sites in entranceways or gateways, as defined in the MDP
  • Developments which, in the opinion of the Development Officer, should be reviewed by CPC

The examples above are provided on this schedule for convenience only. For the official complete listing, please see the Calgary Planning Commission List

Condominium applications: the Condominium application fee is set by the Condominium Property Regulation and is listed on this schedule for convenience only.

CPAG pre-application: applicants are entitled to a 50% refund of their originally paid CPAG Pre-application fee if they choose to cancel the pre-application prior to receipt of the Preapplication Preliminary Assessment Form. No refund is permitted after receipt of the Pre-application Preliminary Assessment Form.

Development Completion Permits (DCP): the City is able to charge for any additional DCP inspections required as a result of project phasing or the need for re-inspection. The current DCP fee will be charged.

Resubmitted applications: where identical applications are submitted at any time up to 30 days prior to expiry of the previous development permit, 50% of the applicable current base fee will be charged.

Additions to a multi-residential development, townhouses and rowhouses: is a development which is producing new Gross Floor Area (GFA).

Renovations to a multi-residential development, townhouses and rowhouses: is a development which is NOT producing new Gross Floor Area (GFA), such as changes to the plan, exterior renovations, enclosing existing balconies, adding awnings, adding a roof-top mechanical enclosure, et cetera.

Refunds: the policy on refunds is as follows. Where an applicant or The City wishes to cancel an application listed on this schedule: • within seven calendar days of the application date: 75% of the base fee paid, plus any applicable DCP, CPC or advertising fee will be refunded • after the initial seven days, and prior to a decision being rendered: 25% of the base fee paid, plus any applicable DCP, CPC or advertising fee will be refunded • after a decision has been rendered: no refund of the fees paid • for revised plans: fees may be transferred to a new DP if the revised plan was applied for in error or cancelled before the review began.

Application fees: Customers will only be charged one fee for applications requiring both a relaxation on a residential existing structure and a certificate of compliance on single-detached, semidetached, and duplex dwellings. You will not be charged both fees.

Secondary suites: Secondary suite and backyard suite development permit fees and secondary suite registry fees are waived until December 31, 2021.


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