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Calgary Conversations: The City of Calgary podcast

Calgary Conversations

The City of Calgary podcast

Welcome to Calgary Conversations

Welcome to Calgary Conversations. Your exclusive gateway to the heartbeat of our city. Dive deep into the pulse of Calgary with our municipal podcast.

In each monthly episode, we peel back the layers of our vibrant community. We shed light on the priority areas that shape our city's future. From public safety to housing, downtown revitalization, and beyond. We're here to uncover the stories that matter most to you.

Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery. We explore the untold narratives that weave the fabric of our city. Through engaging interviews with City staff and partners, in-depth analysis, and compelling storytelling, Calgary Conversations offers a fresh perspective on the issues that impact us all.

We're not just here to talk. We're here to connect, educate, and empower you with the knowledge to make a difference in your community.

Tune in, subscribe, and join the conversation. Because in Calgary, every voice matters.

Let's write the next chapter together. #CalgaryConversations


Feature episode

Calgary Conversations Episode 2: Community safety with Kay Choi

May 10, 2024: We talk about our investments in people, public spaces and emergency response and enforcement with Community Safety and Wellbeing Lead Kay Choi.

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Our podcast host

Podcast host: Jose Rodriguez

Jose Rodriguez is the Leader of Media Relations and Employee Communications at The City of Calgary. Prior to joining The City, Jose was a journalist for 24 years in varying roles ranging from local news reporting and investigative pieces to international disasters and global sporting events. Jose is the former editor-in-chief of the Calgary Sun and Calgary Herald as well as the Edmonton Sun and Vancouver 24 Hours.

Jose has a passion for journalism and the important role it plays in our democracy and relishes the opportunity to have meaningful conversations about City issues and topics that are important to Calgarians.

In his spare time, Jose can often be found volunteering at The Alex Community Food Centre in beautiful Forest Lawn or walking the dog with his wife Nichole.

Past episodes

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