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Capital Projects Map

Upcoming and ongoing developments throughout the city

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Calgary is a growing and vibrant city that continues to welcome numerous new residents each year. As Canada's third biggest city, we're planning and building our communities so they can continue to thrive and be successful. This work ensures we are taking a sustainable and strategic approach to Calgary's infrastructure for an accessible, connected city.

The Capital Projects Map is an online interactive tool to help Calgarians search for upcoming and ongoing capital infrastructure projects throughout the city. The map, based on The City's geospatial system, includes project descriptions, schedules, budgets and project status.

The Capital Projects Map is currently in its pilot phase, with ongoing improvements and additions planned.  A limited number of projects are featured on the map, providing an opportunity to test its performance and usability.  

Using the Capital Projects Map

The Capital Projects Map provides a rich set of features for you to find and learn more about projects in the city of Calgary. 

Using the search function

You can search for a project by:

  • Address
  • Project Name
  • Community name or ward number
  • Zooming into an area of interest on the map itself

Once you’ve found the project, click the details button to learn more about the project and also visit the project’s webpage.

Using the zoom tool

Use the plus and minus signs on the left-hand side of the map to zoom in to the area of the map that you’re interested in. You can also use your scroll button on your mouse to zoom in and out.

Using the filter

Use the project list to scroll through the project names. If you select a project, the information panel will reflect the project you have selected. Once you have selected a project, you can also find a link to the project webpage for more information.

Frequently asked questions

Capital Projects Map

What is the Capital Projects Map?

The map aims to support openness, transparency, and accountability for capital project management in the city.  Our goal is to enable the sharing of information on infrastructure projects/capital works across the city and over all service lines.  The purpose of the Capital Projects Map is to share capital project information via an interactive tool that showcases a variety of projects across the city. The map displays project information such as budget, estimated timeline, project descriptions and more.

Why can’t I see all the projects in my ward?

The Capital Projects Map is currently in its pilot phase, with ongoing improvements and additions planned in the future.  A limited number of projects are featured on the Capital Projects Map, providing an opportunity to test its performance and usability. 

Capital Projects at the City of Calgary

What are the phases of a project?

  • Concept – projects are identified, assessed, and selected for further development, planning and design
  • Design – project is being designed and assessed for impacts to surrounding areas 
  • Build – project is being delivered according to design
  • Warranty – project is ready for public use, but still under warranty period

What is the approved budget vs actual cost?

The approved budget for a project is the budget that is allocated to a project before construction. The actual cost of a budget may vary depending on weather, availability of materials, site conditions, and more. Projects are considered to be on budget if they are forecasted to be completed exactly on budget.

Where does capital funding come from?

Not all of The City's capital fits within a four-year cycle. Some projects are already underway, some will be getting started and some will extend into the next budget cycle. This necessitates the need to secure long-term funding.  

Capital funding comes from different sources:  

  • Federal and provincial government grants  
  • Corporate reserves  
  • Self-supported debt  
  • Business unit reserves  
  • Developer/other contributions/levies   

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