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Planning for Calgary's future

Planning for Calgary's future

How we got here - the Plans

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP) are The City’s long-range land use and transportation plans that look 60 years into the future. The Plans help shape how the communities we live and work in grow, develop and evolve over time.

In 2007, Council asked The City to create integrated plans for the future of land use and transportation. The creation of these plans stemmed from imagineCalgary in 2006. The MDP and CTP were the plans identified to implement the land use and transportation aspects of imagineCalgary.

The MDP and CTP were updated in 2020, as our city changed since they were approved in 2009. New factors will continue to have an impact on how and where people live and work. Our long-range plans make sure City staff, communities, developers, business owners, citizens and Council are working together to build a great city.

For guidance on how to apply the Municipal Development Plan or Calgary Transportation Plan please consult the Guide to the Municipal Development Plan and the Calgary Transportation Plan. Its purpose is to ensure a consistent understanding and application of key components of the Plans, as implementation is carried out across various planning processes and applications.

A high-level summary of the changes can be seen in the infographic below.

imagineCalgary and the three volumes that make up our long range plans

What's happening now

Periodically we review various aspects of the MDP and the CTP. We do this to ensure that we’re meeting the goals outlined in the Plans. The 14 core indicators for Land Use and Mobility help us monitor our progress towards the 60-year targets. Every four years we report on the progress made towards the goals through the Monitoring and Reporting program.

In 2019 and 2020, we undertook the Next 20 project. Through it, we reviewed the MDP and CTP to determine what was working well and contributing to the quality of life that many Calgarians enjoy. It identified the policies that needed to be updated or changed to continue making Calgary a place where people can make a great life and a great living. This work resulted in the 2020 MDP and CTP that were approved by Council on February 8, 2021.

As part of the Next 20 project, we identified that it would be helpful to review the 14 core indicators. Throughout 2021 we will review the 14 core indicators. In 2022, we will present any amendments to the core indicators and policies to Council for their consideration. We will be sharing periodic updates for this work on the core indicator web page linked below.

Other related City policies

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