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Municipal Government Board Appeals

The Municipal Government Board (MGB) is an independent and impartial quasi-judicial board established by the provincial government under the Municipal Government Act (MGA). The Board makes decisions about land planning and assessment matters.

The following is a list of projects involving The City of Calgary, where the MGB is reviewing municipal matters under dispute.

Omni Area Structure Plan Appeal (2017)

The City of Calgary, under Section 690 of the Municipal Government Act, filed an inter-municipal appeal against Rocky View County's OMNI Area Structure Plan (Municipal Government Board file No. 17/IMD003). Documents will be made public as they become available.

December 18, 2018 – Municipal Government Board decision

December 18, 2018, the Municipal Government Board delivered a decision regarding the Omni ASP in favour of the City of Calgary. Details of The MGB decision can be found on the following link: Municipal Government Board decision – December 18, 2018  (1.1 MB)

To view hard copies, please contact City of Calgary Clerks:

City Clerk’s Office
Ground Floor
Administration Building (Municipal Complex)
313 - 7th Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta
Phone: 403-268-5861 

Glenbow Ranch Area Structure Plan and Municipal Development Plan Appeal (2017)

The City of Calgary, under Section 690 of the Municipal Government Act, filed an appeal against both Rocky View County's Glenbow Ranch Area Structure Plan and amendments to the Rocky View County Plan.

Recent appeal decisions:

Conrich Area Structure Plan (2016)

The City of Calgary, under Section 690 of the Municipal Government Act, filed an appeal against Rocky View County’s Conrich Area Structure Plan. Please click the link to view the appeal documents.

A decision was received on May 10, 2017 from the Municipal Government Board (Board Order: MGB 020/17; File: 16/IMD/002).

Supporting information :

To view hardcopies, please contact Austin Weleschuk by phone at 403-268-1163 or by email at

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