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Prairie Economic Gateway

Prairie Economic Gateway

Connecting us to everywhere

The Prairie Economic Gateway (“Gateway”) initiative is a first-of-its-kind collaboration between The City of Calgary and Rocky View County. This initiative will strengthen rail, land, and air transport services to help move people and goods more efficiently. The core of the Gateway will be an industrial park with direct rail access. This access will provide a westward link to Canada’s leading maritime terminal and an eastward link through the Canadian Prairies and into the rest of the continent.

This initiative relies on three elements:


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Planning for industrial lands with direct rail access

  • The starting point is designing how the land at the core of the Gateway will be used. Although the land is within Rocky View County, it is also in Calgary’s future industrial growth area.
  • The City and County are partnering to use a new planning approach based on each of our strengths. For example, the City’s infrastructure and the County’s available land.
  • Policy changes will focus on sustainable, simple approval processes for businesses.
  • An Area Structure Plan (ASP) will outline a broad land use policy for the industrial lands. It is expected to come up for Council and Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) decisions in 2024.

Investing in public projects and local services

  • The City and County will plan infrastructure with a commitment to offering a range of municipal services.
  • The City and County are partnering with the private sector to build a 1,500-acre industrial park. The park will service the transfer of goods from rail to truck in the core of the Gateway.
  • We are encouraging private sector investment from industries seeking stronger market access. This includes manufacturing, agriculture, energy and logistics.
  • Investment can lead to many benefits, including more jobs, improved connectivity across communities, and a stronger economy.

Reaching markets across the continent and beyond

  • The City and County are partnering with provincial and federal governments to expand trade activity. We want to open economic corridors to the continental market.
  • The core of the Gateway is close to two class-one rail lines. In addition to the main lines, it is also close to the Canadian Pacific Kansas City (CPKC) intermodal yard in Calgary and Canadian National (CN) intermodal yard in the County.
  • Road access includes the Trans-Canada Highway, Alberta Highway 2, and Stoney Trail. These corridors can be used to their full potential with improvements.
  • The Calgary International Airport opens access to expanded trade via air. The airport is one of Canada’s leading freight-handling airports.

Why does this initiative matter?

The Calgary region is growing rapidly. A new vision that addresses the needs of modern industrial economic activity is necessary.

The Gateway initiative represents a shared commitment. It aims to ensure the entire region remains a great place to make a living and a great place to make a life. Key outcomes include:


  • Getting goods cheaper, faster, and more reliably into Calgary and area

    Recent labour action at Canadian ports and COVID-19 have exposed a weak spot in our supply chain. The Gateway's added scope for logistics ensures affordable goods and services for residents and businesses.

  • Creating more local and regional jobs that are needed as we grow

    A dry port built around increased rail capacity will provide jobs for our region’s skilled and growing workforce. Rail-related jobs are high-paying and attract up to eight additional jobs for every one rail position.

  • Making it easier for the private sector to do business with us in the area

    The City and County are working to align regulations within and across jurisdictions. This will simplify processes for local businesses and attract new investment from across Canada, and the world.

  • Combating climate change with an environment-friendly development

    The Gateway is a chance to extend sustainable development to industrial lands. It can grow the economy in industries like manufacturing, technology, and transportation. Shifting goods from truck to rail, for example, decreases greenhouse gas emissions by 75 percent.

  • Opening connections to new markets for the goods Calgarians make

    The Gateway will provide producers with upgraded access to markets. This includes Vancouver, Prince Rupert, Edmonton, Eastern Canada, the continental United States and Mexico.

Starting location for industrial development

The Prairie Economic Gateway ASP lands are an ideal location.

  • It is at the intersection of Alberta’s most populous urban municipality (Calgary) and Alberta’s most populous rural municipality (Rocky View County).
  • 50 million people are accessible by ground transportation within 24 hours.
  • They have direct access to CPKC’s Class 1 railroad. This railroad serves every country in North America.
  • Highway distribution access is available in all directions across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.
  • The nearby Calgary International Airport connects Calgary to any global location within 48 hours.


How can I get involved?

The City and County will provide project updates as this initiative moves forward. This includes details about the timing of decisions, such as the Council and CMRB Area Structure Plan review in 2024. In the coming months, the City and County will reach out to communities and explore ways to meet today's challenges. 

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