Get, replace, or fix a blue, green or black cart

Blue, black and green carts are the property of The City of Calgary and are assigned to homes rather than people. Please do not take your cart with you when you move.

Get carts for a newly built home

If you're moving into a newly built home, submit a cart for new homes service request or call 311.

Please submit your 311 request for new carts no earlier than 14 days before your move-in date. Carts will be delivered directly to your home at no charge.

Requesting Additional Carts

If you require additional carts to manage the amount of recycling, food and yard waste or garbage at your household please review the options available to you.

Replace broken carts or missing carts

If you have a damaged or missing cart, please call 311.

Your cart may need repair or replacement if:

  • The lid is missing including the hinges.
  • The lid does not fully cover your garbage, recycling or composting.
  • The body of the cart is cracked.
  • The wheels are missing or broken so the cart won't stand upright.

We do not replace carts due to scratches or colouring.

We do not provide replacement green cart pails.

If you need a kitchen pail, you can buy them at hardware stores or reuse a plastic container with a lid (ice cream bucket).

Taking care of your carts

You are responsible for taking care of your carts and keeping them clean.

Follow these steps to keep your carts clean:

  • Sprinkle some baking soda at the bottom of your carts.
  • Rinse the cart with a hose and pour the water onto grass/gravel, not down the storm drain.

Follow these steps to prevent carts from being taken/lost:

  • Write your address on the side of your carts.
  • Write down the serial number and keep it somewhere safe. This helps us identify your carts.
  • Store your carts on your own property.