Calgary Police Service

Budget and Priorities

Calgary Police Service Budget and Priorities

Our total budget is set by Calgary City Council and how we spend it is approved by the Calgary Police Commission. We set our priorities based on what we hear from Calgarians and the crime trends we see as posing a risk to the public. 

  • Our Strategy

    Our Strategy is the long-range, high-level organizational strategy that maps out Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Values, Our Approach and Our Goals, and will guide the Service over the next five to 10 years.

    Our Mission

    As One Team we build community safety and well-being through engagement, education, prevention, investigation, and enforcement.

    Our Vision

    - Calgary is the safest major city in Canada

    - We are connected with, committed to, and representative of, all our communities

    - We are police leaders in equity, diversity and inclusion

    - We are the police employer of choice in Canada

  • 2024 Annual Policing Plan

    We are proud to present our 2024 Annual Policing Plan; a document to guide the Calgary Police Service to ensure ours is among the safest major cities in Canada.

  • 2023 Annual Report

    We are pleased to share our 2023 Annual Report with the public. This report provides insight into the important public safety work, transformation initiatives and organizational updates the CPS led in 2023.

  • Partnership Roadmap

    The partnership and community engagement strategy falls under the Strategic Partnerships Division. This work is informed through internal and external assessments of challenges and opportunities in contemporary policing.

Our overall budget and priorities are outlined in The City of Calgary’s 2023-2026 One Calgary Service Plan and Budget, and our Service Action Plan outlines how we are going to meet those priorities. 

Quarterly Service Plan Accountability Reports

These quarterly reports show our progress towards the goals set for us by City Council and the Calgary Police Commission: 

Budget Information Report

We appreciate that the Calgary Police Service budget is largely funded through the taxes paid by hard-working Calgarians. The responsibility to ensure we are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible is not one that we take lightly. This report from the Calgary Police Commission and the Calgary Police Service is part of our commitment to be as transparent as possible with the funds we are provided through the City of Calgary and other government grants and fine revenue.  

  • Safer Mobility Plan

    The Safer Mobility Plan for 2024-2028 is the first unified plan between the Calgary Police Service and the City of Calgary. These two organizations are joining forces as core partners working towards safer mobility and reducing harm on our roadways.

    The plan is built on past successes and principles of continuous improvement, as we aim to not only capture the momentum of our programs and amplify their impact, but also identify gaps and develop new programs and strategies to address them. The plan will also rely on support through our partnerships and collaboration with other safety partners, communities, and everyone moving around our city.


In an emergency always call 911

Non-emergency 403-266-1234