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2024 Service investment adjustments

As part of The City’s new 2023-2026 Service Plans and Budgets, several investments were made to enhance the quality of life of Calgarians.

One year later, Council approved adjustments to the 2023-2026 Services Plans and Budgets by making several important investments in areas such as Affordable Housing, Public Safety and Transit. An overview of these investments committed to start in 2024 are captured below. 

Responding to the affordable housing crisis

Base | Capital | One-time funding

To support Calgarians’ access to affordable housing, we’re increasing the housing supply. This will provide an estimated 1,000 more market homes beyond what’s normally built in a year. This will include at least 3,000 non-market homes, with an $81.5 million investment. An additional $25 million will support housing for Indigenous and equity-deserving populations. This aims to improve housing insecurity and reduce homelessness.

Improving safety at public transit stations

Base | One-time funding

We will dedicate more people to safety at transit stations and surrounding areas. This includes 65 additional Transit Peace Officers. It will improve transit riders' experience and provide safer, cleaner trains, stations and community spaces. We will invest $17 million in more resources and partnerships with community organizations.

Sustaining Fire's improvements to emergency response

Base funding

Citizens will see faster response times. We’re hiring more permanent frontline firefighter positions to staff a second Medical Response Unit. Increased staffing will support frontline operations and employee wellbeing. The investment of $3.4 million has been converted from temporary to permanent funding. This betters frontline emergency response and increases public and firefighter safety.

Keeping transit affordable

Base funding

Kids 12 and under will continue to ride transit for free. We’re offsetting the transit fare increase at a lower rate than planned – 3 per cent instead of 6 per cent. We’re investing $6 million to keep public transit options affordable for citizens. This will encourage ridership to advance economic, social and climate resilience in Calgary.

Increased Transit service on key routes

Base funding

We’re investing $4 million to make Calgary's transit system more reliable, accessible, and connected. Buses and trains will arrive more frequently on key routes and corridors. We will extend the operating hours of transit routes. On Demand service will be introduced to additional communities.

Reducing vehicle noise and improving traffic safety

Base | Capital funding

We're collaborating with Calgary Police Service to enforce vehicle noise and traffic safety bylaws. We're investing $1.7 million to provide additional community peace officers and training resources. Calgarians will feel safer and hear less vehicle noise in residential neighbourhoods and commercial districts. A peace officer traffic enforcement team will focus on vehicle noise in spring and summer when complaints are higher.

Proactively addressing problem properties

Base | Capital funding

We will be assembling more situation response teams. This will allow us to address a wider range of properties causing concerns for residents. It will let us connect homeowners in need with social service supports. With this $1.2 million investment, we're improving community safety and neighbourhood revitalization.

Progressing North Central BRT and Green Line plans

Base | Capital funding

The design and early works to enhance Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Route 301 will see a $2 million investment in 2024. Improving the service along Centre Street will better connect people to employment and housing. The investments will help communities and businesses transition to the future Green Line LRT service. Preparation for the Green Line will receive an annual investment of $8 million.

Enhancing playgrounds and parks

Base | Capital funding

We’re investing a little over $6 million for community park upgrades, replacements and new infrastructure. We'll add shade structures, seating, playground equipment (including accessible playgrounds), parking, amenities. These emerging needs increase the mental and physical wellbeing of Calgarians.

Enabling safe pedestrian commutes

Capital funding

With a $2 million investment, we’ve increased the funding to improve the pavement quality of city roads. The investment will also deliver safe and accessible walking and cycling infrastructure. Road resurfacing is already planned for prioritized locations. Calgarians will see increased safety benefits. The road network is important for Fire, Police and Ambulances and improved corridors connecting schools.

More pathways and bikeways

Capital funding

Starting in 2025, we’ll be expanding the pathway and bikeway network, and add Rapid Flashing Beacons. Calgarians of all ages and abilities can enjoy safe and active modes of getting around their city. The expansion will include new connections to schools. Children and parents can safely walk and ride to school as an option.

Additional support for programs for Calgarians experiencing vulnerabilities

One-time funding

With our $10 million investment, non-profits will receive emergency financial support. This will continue to help Calgarians experiencing vulnerabilities meet their basic needs. The funding will support programs. These programs include those that:

- Keep families housed

- Allow people to escape violence

- Allow people to escape homelessness

- Ensure individuals have heat and electricity

Sustainable funding for mental health and addictions issues

Base funding

We’re committed to helping Calgarians who face mental health and addiction issues find the hope and support they need. Our investment of $6 million base funding allows us to make longer term partnerships. It helps partner organizations attract and keep top talent to tackle this important issue. By committing base funding instead of one-time investments, we can provide organizations with greater stability. With increased capacity, they have the ability to deliver programs to citizens who need them most.

Responding to inflation

Base | Capital funding

We’re investing $27 million to cover higher-than-budgeted inflations costs. Calgarians will continue to see services delivered as planned, rather than reducing services to make up the balance. We’ve invested an additional $10 million to respond to cost rises for a variety of capital projects, such as:

- Libraries

- Recreation facilities

- Fire stations

- Non-market housing

- Transit asset replacements

- Partner projects

Building strong community connections

One-time funding

We’re investing $1.2 million in a community-based organization to train community groups. Training will address how to use the strengths and assets in their communities to help residents meet their shared objectives. This investment will also fund 10 community connectors positions. This will support Calgarians’ involvement in, and contributions to, their communities. It will shape and nurture civic participation.

Design and engineer Blue Line extension and Airport Transit Connection

Capital funding

We’re investing $19 million to develop the east leg of the Airport Transit Connection. This will extend the Blue Line from Saddletown to 88 Avenue N.E. and increase access and connections to northeast communities. Once built, it will provide cost-effective and environmentally-friendly transportation to and from the airport. Design and engineering will start in 2025.

Delivering library and community amenities in Symons Valley/Sage Hill

Base | Capital funding

We’re committing additional funding to build the first phase of the Symons Valley Centre. It includes a 20,000 sq ft library plus commercial retail unit/flex space. Construction will start in 2025. The centre will give the surrounding communities improved access to services within the library space.

Supporting communication between citizens and councillors

Base funding

Citizens will find it easier to get in touch with someone in their councillor’s office. We’re investing $1.6 million to increase ward resources. The resources will be able to respond to more citizen inquiries and requests. Councillors will be able to support increasingly complex emerging issues and constituent needs.

Other investments

• $3.9 million will support increased Human Resources service demands. It will also contribute to The City’s enterprise management and control systems.

• $276,000 will go toward a third-party review of compensation for Councillors and Councillors’ assistants. It will also fund a Ward Boundary Commission to review the 14-ward system.

Funding categories

Base funding

Funding that is part of The City’s annual budget and allocated every year. Base funding comes from property taxes.

One-time funding

Funding that is allocated once and will not repeat every year. It typically comes from annual operating savings. These can be due to City service adjustments, salary and wages and higher than anticipated investment income.

Capital funding

The City’s capital budget pays for assets that provide the services Calgarians have come to rely on. Examples include:

  • Maintenance of current infrastructure
  • Upgrades to existing community infrastructure
  • New infrastructure to provide services to areas that are underserved
  • New infrastructure for growing areas of the city

Capital funding typically comes from government grants, reserves, debt, pay-as-you-go and developer and other contributions. 

See the complete list of The City’s investments, additional details and funding breakdown. 

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