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Manufactured / Mobile home assessments

Manufactured and ​​Mobile homes are assessed based on their market value. Most mobile homes within Calgary are assessed using the sales comparison approach to value and is based on The City of Calgary’s estimate of the market value of the property on July 1 of the year prior to taxation, and the characteristics and condition of the property as of Dec. 31 of the year prior to taxation.

Market value

Market value is the most likely price a property would sell for on the open market from a willing seller to a willing buyer on a given date.

The market value of residential properties is calculated through a method known as mass appraisal.

There are 10 mobile home parks in Calgary:

Manufactured / ​Mobile Home Park ​Community*
Mobile Home Park: ​Blackfoot Community*: ​Acadia
Mobile Home Park: ​Caravan Community*: ​Shepard Industrial
Mobile Home Park: ​Chateau Estates Community*: ​Residual Ward 9 - Sub Area 9o
Mobile Home Park: ​Greenwood Village Community*: ​Greenwood/Greenbriar
Mobile Home Park: ​Mountview Community*: ​Red Carpet/Mountview
Mobile Home Park: ​Oasis Community*: ​Forest Lawn-Industrial
Mobile Home Park: ​Parkridge Estates Community*: ​Monterey Park
Mobile Home Park: ​Calgary Village Community*: ​Red Carpet/Mountview
Mobile Home Park: ​South Hill Community*: ​Shepard Industrial
Mobile Home Park: ​Watergrove Community*: ​Arbour Lake

*For Assessment Search, please use the listed community as required for mobile home searches.


Key factors, components and variables

  • Building Type: single wide or double wide mobile home
  • Building Size: actual square footage for each mobile home is used, including any additions will also be included in the overall total.
  • Actual year of construction (AYOC): The AYOC is taken into consideration when determining the quality of the structure. Renovations and/or additions to the structure could warrant a change in the structure's overall quality rating.
  • Quality: fair, average, and good.
  • Size of Garage: actual square footage of garage building is used.
  • Park (Location): the physical location of the improvement within the city is taken into consideration.

Manufactured / Mobile home park assessments

A Mobile Home Park (MHP) is a type of land lease community that allows property owners to rent a space/lot on which to place a home. They may include dwellings built without wheels or trailers built with wheels on sites. MHPs range in size (square footage) with the average housing 162 sites on 23 acres.

Key factors, components and variables used to assess MHPs

  • income and expense data
  • location - any influence that contributes positive/negative values are accounted for (e.g. topography, traffic)
  • number of pads
  • size
  • land use designation

For Manufactured / Mobile home changes

Complete and submit a Manufactured / Mobile Home Information form (fillable form) when you purchase, sell, demolish, replace on the same lot, or move a manufactured home or wish to change your mailing address. Forms are also available from manufactured home park managers.

Information collected on the Manufactured Home Information form ensures accurate assessment and ownership information for assessment notices and tax bills

Assessment Search is our online resource for property and business owners to access more detailed information about their assessment and property details.