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Stage 1 Outdoor Water Restrictions are in effect. Learn more about what you can do during this stage.

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July 24, 2024 update

We remain in Stage 1 Outdoor Water Restrictions

  • Maintenance work at our water treatment plants has been completed, and the plants are both continuing to operate well.
  • Today, we are turning on an additional pump at the Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant. If this goes well, it could help us get to 75 per cent flow through the feeder main. We will continue monitoring the system and this will help inform our decision about whether to lift restrictions further.
  • You can use a sprinkler, hose or in-ground sprinkling system for up to two hours a week, on specific days. You can split the two hours over the course of a day, during the designated times, or between the two days you are allowed to water, as long as it does not exceed two hours per week.
    • Even-numbered addresses can use their sprinkler on Wednesday or Saturday. 
    • Odd-numbered addresses can use their sprinkler on Thursday or Sunday. 
  • This sprinkler schedule is set by the Water Utilities Bylaw. It aims to spread water use evenly across the city and through the week, so that our system can keep up with demand, rather than having a big draw on our water supply all at once. 
  • There are three days during the week when no watering is allowed. This gives our underground storage reservoirs a chance to refill after days of heavier use, so we can keep enough water stored in our system to meet demand. 
  • Tuesday’s water demand was 631 million litres, which was in line with expectations. 
  • The water main break that occurred in the Beltline yesterday has been repaired. Water was restored last night. 


For information on:

  • Factors and timeline for easing Outdoor Water Restrictions.
  • Feeder main capacity and concerns, and how those are being managed.

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About the water main break

On the evening of Wednesday, June 5, The City discovered a large water main break in the Bowness and Montgomery area.

The break was on the Bearspaw South Feeder Main, a critical transmission line that carries most of the water from the Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant into Calgary’s water distribution network.

The initial break and five additional “hot spots” – areas needing emergency repair – were fixed. Since July 2, Outdoor Water Restrictions have been slowly eased as we have been carefully increasing the flow of water through the pipe. Increasing the flow adds pressure and stress to the pipe, so teams are moving through this process cautiously, and doing careful monitoring.

Currently, Calgary remains under Stage 1 outdoor water restrictions.