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Climate ready home guide

Climate Ready Home Program

Calgary’s summers are getting hotter, drier, and longer due to climate change. Hazards like wildfire smoke, extreme heat, hail, and flooding are becoming more common and severe. As a result, the risks to our homes, properties, and health are increasing.

Although climate change is a complicated issue, the solutions don’t always have to be. As a renter or homeowner, there are things you can do to prepare for climate-related impacts and adapt your home and habits.

The information and tools below provide simple safety tips, no-cost home maintenance ideas, and advice for larger renovation projects. These tools will help you avoid damage to your home and protect your health and wallet from extreme weather events.

  • Home Self-Evaluation Tool

    Self-assess your home to understand how you can better prepare for hazards.

  • Climate Ready Home Guide

    Download the complete Climate Ready Home Guide to climate-proof your home.

  • Virtual Climate Ready Home

    Explore this virtual home to learn more about adapting to climate change.

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Climate hazards and their potential impact on your home

This section identifies climate hazards becoming more likely and/or severe due to climate change, and their potential impact on your home, property, and health. You may be at greater risk depending on where you live in Calgary and how vulnerable your home is.

Climate ready home handouts

These handouts summarize impactful ways to protect your home and health from each climate hazard.

Climate ready measures for the home

This section identifies key measures to reduce the impacts of the climate hazards becoming more likely and severe in Calgary. 

Additional resources and information

  • The Disaster Risk Explorer provides more information about hazards that could pose the greatest risk to Calgary.
  • To learn how to prepare and protect yourself, your family, and your home from any emergency in Calgary, visit
  • For resources for those who are more affected by climate change, and to learn more about climate equity, visit
  • For tips on hiring a contractor that is right for you, visit Hiring a contractor.
  • Financial support programs:
    • Home Upgrades Program: free energy efficiency upgrades for income-qualified homeowners based. The program is funded by the City of Calgary and implemented by Alberta Ecotrust and EmpowerMe.
    • Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP) from the City of Calgary offers financing for home energy improvement. The next program intake will be in Summer/Fall 2024. Sign up for email updates.
    • Branching Out Tree Program provides trees at no cost from the City of Calgary. New updates are released each Spring.
    • Green Calgary Rain Barrel program offers rain barrels at a lower cost than retail stores ($82) that go on sale April 1.

Our partners

The City of Calgary would like to acknowledge the following Partners for their contribution to the Climate Ready Home Guide content:

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Disclaimer:  The content of the Climate Ready Home Guide is for informational purposes only and cannot be construed as technical advice with respect to any particular building(s) or construction project(s). The Climate Ready Home Guide does not recommend or endorse specific products or companies. All products and measures should be installed by a professional contractor, according to manufacturer specifications and following all City Bylaws and codes.