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There is a specific, unique set of uses and rules for each of Calgary's Direct Control (DC) Districts. Each DC has its own bylaw number (or, prior to 1980, a resolution number) identifying applicable uses and rules for each district.

For example, DC 16Z1997 is the 16th Direct Control created in 1997. To find it, click ‘1990s Direct Control Districts’, click ‘1997 Direct Control Districts’, and then search for the document titled 16Z1997. The .pdf file includes district-specific details and may reference either the current Land Use Bylaw 1pP2007, or historical land use bylaws, such as Land Use Bylaw 2p80.

For historical land use bylaws, contact the City Clerk's Office for the version from the specific year that direct co​ntrol was approved (e.g. 1997).

Please note that web copies of Direct Control Districts are uncertified and provided here for reference only. Please contact the City Clerk's Department at 403-268-5861 for a certified copy. Web copies are not legal documents and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the various codes and regulations.

If you have further questions or require direct control interpretation, contact 403-268-5311.​


2020s Direct Control Districts

2024 Direct Control Districts

2023 Direct Control Districts

2022 Direct Control Districts

2021 Direct Control Districts

2020 Direct Control Districts

2010s Direct Control Districts

​​​ ​​​​​​​​​

2000s Direct Control Districts


1990s Direct Control Districts

1980s Direct Control Districts


1970s Direct Control Districts


1974 Direct Control Districts

1973 Direct Control Districts

1972 Direct Control Districts


1960s Direct Control Districts

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​1968 - 1970 Direct Control Districts


1965 Direct Control District


Rocky View Direct Controls

Rocky View planning bylaws are in effect after lands are annexed to The City of Calgary. Most of the annexed properties have been re-designated to City of Calgary land use districts, but there may be situations where reference to the original Rocky View County Direct Control bylaw are required.

Please note, if you are looking for Rocky View County’s Direct Control Bylaws, please visit their Direct Control Bylaws page.


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This information has no legal status and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the various bylaws, codes and regulations currently in effect. The City of Calgary accepts no responsibility to persons relying solely on this information. Web pages are updated periodically. ​